Donation Center

We currently offer two ways for you to support the Community through donations. The first way is a single donation of an amount that you chose. The second way is to sign up for a monthly subscription. Any monetary donation is very much appreciated and will go towards our Community. However, monthly subscriptions are the most beneficial because it helps us to track what comes in and when it’ll arrive. Monthly subscriptions assist us in better budgeting our month.

At the moment will not be able to showcase your username with the donation amount on our website. It’s a feature that we plan to add soon! Please note that donations sent in through our new site will be tracked internally, and we will do our best to get recognition sent out. For monthly subscriptions, we offer three different tiers. They are the subscriber, benefactor, and whale tiers.

Please take a moment to have a look at the two options on either side of this text to see how you can help us “keep the lights on” and to keep moving forward with being able to provide services to everyone.

We thank you for your consideration!