TML Community Rules


Punishments generally follow this format unless otherwise stated:

1st offense: Warning to stop the behavior

2nd offense: Kicked off the server

3rd offense: 24 Hour Ban from the used platform(s)

4th offense: Permanent Ban from all TML servers

Rule topics listed in RED are an automatic global ban and are unable to be appealed.

Rule topics listed in YELLOW are an automatic global ban on the first offense.

Terrorism-related memes, propaganda, images, videos, references, jokes, or related content will not be allowed in any form:

Definition “reference” – Any content including but not limited to images, usernames, videos, and documents (physical or digital) that contain any terrorist act or refer to any known terrorist, terrorist network, or individuals/groups that have any association or ties to terrorist individuals or groups.

TML as an organization decries any terrorist activity in any place, by any organization or group, and or terrorism in any form, this includes drug cartels and major crime organizations. A list of groups that material is banned from can be found HERE. This is not a comprehensive list and currently does not include major crime organizations, but any such content relating to them still falls under this rule, any list such as this will change over time.

Submitting a False Report to Staff

A false report is any individual who, with intent to deceive, knowingly makes a false statement to staff to report another member/user to create drama or in the hopes to have disciplinary action taken against the accused. Punishment for submitting a false report will be unique. It will match what the punishment would be for the person that they are making the false report against which can range from a verbal warning up to an immediate global ban with no chance of appeal.

Ban Evasion

TML does not enjoy having to issue corrective actions, however when they are issued they are issued for just cause, if you feel your corrective action was not justified please file an appeal HERE. If you use an alternate account to attempt to get around a corrective action issued to you, you are committing ban evasion.

1st offense: Doubling the initial corrective action

2nd offense: Permanent Global Ban with no chance of an appeal


Definition – The quality of persistently being very harmful or unpleasant in a pervasive or insidious way either through VoIP, Discord, or any other platform that TML uses to communicate.

There is a difference between complaining & being toxic and a difference between being constructive & being destructive. If you are having a problem with a situation or a person then please seek out a staff member to go over your complaint. If a staff member approaches you and issues a verbal warning about toxicity then it is recommended that negative behavior stops immediately. There will not be any debate as to what is and isn’t toxic with the staff member issuing the warning. If you wish to appeal the verbal warning then you must contact one of our Community Admins. Complaining to another user(s), including staff (not Community Admins) will be deemed a continuation of the negative behavior. We will also not be following our standard 4 tier discipline structure on this matter. It will be as follows:

1st offense: Verbal warning to stop the behavior

2nd offense: Immediate global ban

We are all human and make mistakes so there will be a 2-week timer on the verbal warning. 2 weeks after being issued a verbal warning it will be removed as long as there are no other indiscretions of toxicity. However, if this continues to happen repeatedly with an individual (as if they are pushing the limits), they will be banned.


The use of racial slurs, sexist terms, or any terms, phrases, pictures, or content that are used in a derogatory manner towards any demographic including but not limited to: sexual orientation, gender, race, ethnicity, social or economic status, as well as targeted consistent attacks on any member of the community is not welcome in the TML community.


TML has zero tolerance of any cheating or hacking including but not limited to: scripts, aimbots, third-party programs that give someone an advantage over other users, and offensive attacks electronically or physically against the community or any member thereof.

Posting of Porn/Gore link, images, or content:

TML is a community open to all ages, as such posting of 18+ content is not allowed in any manner.

Mutual Respect & Conduct

We are all brought up differently learning what is and isn’t generally acceptable when communicating with people. Use common sense when talking or typing to others on our servers. You are responsible for your own actions and if staff deems what you are communicating is unacceptable then learn from it and move on.


Advertising for other communities and outside groups is prohibited. You are here because you want to be. There is no reason to advertise for other communities.

Individuals from other communities inviting TML members/users to visit as friends or are in another Community are of course allowed to invite TML members/users to play games.

1st offense: Verbal warning to stop the behavior

2nd offense: Immediate global ban

Politics & Religion

Please refrain from posting or talking about any content relating to religion or politics. This also includes any usernames, memes, or avatars. Unfortunately, everyone has different viewpoints as to what is appropriate or inappropriate so we need to avoid the topic all together.

Chat Messages

We need to keep our chat message at a PG-13 level. If you feel the need to have an inappropriate discussion with someone, then it is strongly suggested you do so in a locked channel, a created temporary channel, or in a private message. Remember if you think you are at risk of offending someone, it’s best not to text/say it.

Usernames & Avatars

Inappropriate usernames and avatars that are sexually, racially, ethnically targeted, or violate any other rules are prohibited. Usernames and avatars are to not contain any drug names, either common or slang, or reference.

Spam Messages

We deem spam as making a verbal or text communication that has no real worth, is irrelevant, useless, and offers nothing to a discussion OR is an unwanted personal message. This means that users shall use the appropriate chat in all communication channels (as applicable).

Following Staff Instructions

All users are to comply with the instructions of our administrators and selected moderators on our TeamSpeak, Website, Discord, and Game Servers.


Please make attempts so as to not talk over someone else who is already speaking.

Do not join a channel and immediately start to talk. (Wait first to make sure someone is not already talking)

Please adhere to the general rules in regards to language, innuendos, offensive talking, etc…

Please keep your transmissions in check – For example: Do not hot-mic, no yelling, pull the mic away from your face, or quickly mute when coughing/sneezing.

Poke/Private Chat Windows

Try not to have full-on conversations with people through poking (use private text chat)

If someone has the “Do Not Disturb Tag” then please do not poke them (if you are staff) or open a private text window unless it is extremely important.

Donator Channels

DO NOT JOIN these channels unless you have permission from the donator who owns the channel. Joining first and then getting permission is not acceptable. Poke or open a private text window first to ask permission.

Impersonation of others

TML is a community made up of diverse individuals and we want you to celebrate yourself when you are with us, therefore the impersonation of others is not allowed.

If impersonating a staff member, you could be subject to an immediate ban.

1st offense: Warning to stop the behavior, and kick to change your identity.

2nd offense: Global Ban



Helping A Guest On Teamspeak

Any member or user can help a Guest when they join our Teamspeak by joining the Guest Welcome Centre room. If you are asked by a staff member to leave the channel then you must do so even if it is a Guest that you know from outside the community. In this instance, the staff is considered to be a Trainer, Greeter, and of course any member with a shield icon.

Following the Chain Of Command

If there is something that you need help with and it is a TML server then please go to the TML Division staff assigned to the server rather than going to an Administrator.

If you need to speak to a staff member please try to seek out a Moderator first then a Veteran Moderator and if all else fails seek out an Administrator.

Reporting a Violation

Please report any violations to a Division or TML Staff member. Minor infractions in a Division will most likely be handled by a Division Staff member. Red, Yellow, or repeat offenders will generally be handled by a TML Staff member. However, you can go to any staff member with your report/concern as we all communicate with each other.

If you wish to remain anonymous please let the staff member know. If you wish to remain anonymous and the staff member you report to feels that the report is more of a “witch hunt” or if they have concerns they may need to let the Administration Team know who made the report. If this is the case then the Staff member will notify you of this action.

You can make a report either on Teamspeak or on Discord.

TOC Milsim rules: Rules listed below are specific to our Arma TOC servers (game servers, Discord, and Teamspeak). Please review the TML Core Rules as they also apply to all servers owned and operated under The Myrmidon Legion name.


TOC Mechanized Infantry Specific Rules

General Rules

– To be a member of The Orbita Crusade, you must be at least 16 years of age.

– You will render all care and respect to your fellow Guardsmen. Disrespectful behavior expressed through statements or actions is strictly prohibited.

– The Chain of Command should be adhered to, and orders by Officers and NCOs followed unless said orders break any ML or TOC rule.

– Only the mods that are found in #mod_info_main are allowed to be utilized on TOC servers.

– Restrict recruitment posts in discord to the squad recruitment channel. Recruits and Whiteshields should not be recruited by any detachment until they reach the rank of Trooper.

– Sowing dissension or mistrust in the unit is prohibited.

– A slotted trooper may ride along with another detachment. They must obtain permission from their own Commander and then from the Commander of the group they wish to ride along with.

– Fun ops are restricted to ping @Funop in the discord (You can gain the funop tags using ?funop ).

– Only use discord channels for their intended purpose. In addition, some discord channels have their own channel-specific rules. Check the channel description and pinned messages to check if a channel has any.

– If a staff member tells you to stop then stop what you are doing.

– All paperwork must be completed and sent to an S1 adjutant.


In-Operation Rules

– Follow all uniform regulations and guidelines (they can be found HERE).

– Although joking and “goofing around” is not prohibited during active Operations, such actions can be disruptive and counter-productive. If an Officer or NCO tells you to act seriously then you must do so.

– While attending TOC operations, you must have your rank and name properly displayed both in-game and in TeamSpeak using the following format: <rank abrev>-<medic abrev(if applicable)> <your name>, i.e. STRP ExampleGuy or STRP-M ExampleGuy(if a medic).

– Combat Acquisition: Any weapon, vehicle, static, or item bearing heretical or Xenos symbology or purpose should never be obtained unless stated beforehand by the high command. Ammunition and medical supplies are always allowed to be looted.

– Handcuffing of any individual without clear consent and purpose is not allowed.

– You may not discharge your weapon at spawn without permission from regimental command.

– At spawn during briefing and debriefing make sure your local volume is no higher than one bar in Tfar unless you are speaking to everyone present.

– Advanced weapons can only be used after obtaining qualifications.

– Executions are only allowed at the end of an operation. Executions must be justifiable and permission must be obtained from high command.

– While at spawn, for Brief and Debrief, one should not have their local volume higher than one bar in Tfar unless for the purpose of speaking to everyone present.

– The use of weapons locked behind qualifications by non-qualified personnel is prohibited.

– In operation, executions are only allowed at the end of the op for a justifiable reason and with permission from high command.

– Blacklisted objects, vehicles, and items are to never be used in any operations(this includes main ops, secondary ops, fun ops, trainings, etc). (List can be found HERE).

– Do not type or talk in side or global chat.


Streaming/Recording Guidelines

-Get permission from the Zeus prior to the operation for both streaming and recording.

– List on the side of the map that you are streaming.

– Anything done or said by a Streamer associating themselves with the TOC/ML or participating in our operations will be held accountable to our rules.

– Stream sniping or using a stream to cheat or gain any sort of advantage during an operation is prohibited.

– The Punishment for the breaking of any of these rules stated above shall be handled on a case-by-case basis

– Rules are subject to change at any time, you should review the ruleset on a regular basis.

Ark Survival Evolved rules: Rules listed below are specific to our Ark Survival Evolved server (game server, Discord, and Teamspeak). Please review the TML Core Rules above as they also apply to all servers owned and operated under The Myrmidon Legion name.

Ark Survival Evolved Specific Rules

General Rules

– ML will operate a PvE server. Raiding and griefing are prohibited. Friendly fire is turned on but only to be utilized for Role Play reasons. Occasionally ML will host an event that might have PvP features in it. Before this is to be hosted communication will be held in the ML #ark_survival_general channel.

– If you have any concerns about the server bring your conversation to the ML main Discord #ark_survival_general channel.

– If you have a concern about another player contact an ML Staff member on the ML Teamspeak or ML main Discord.

– If you wish to leave the server, please let a tribemate know or ask a Server Admin to destroy your structure(s).

– If you have to step away from the gameplay for an extended amount of time and wish for your items to still be there when you return please let a Server Admin know and they will do their best to keep your stuff active.

– Server Admins are not Santa Clause! Please do not go to them and ask for items/Dinos.

Transferring Items & Dinos To Other Players

We would like to give every new player the opportunity to learn the game without breeding someone who has to ask about everything all the time. To that end, we are going to set up some guidelines about giving out items & Dinos.

  • Sharing resources is allowed at all levels.
  • Please do not transfer crafted items lvl20+ to players below lvl20.
  • Giving Dinos to players below lvl20 is strictly prohibited.

Any level player is allowed to help any level player obtain resources to craft lvl20+ stuff. They are also allowed to help each other tame Dinos. This is generally accomplished by the higher-level person showing the lower-level person what to look for or how a system works. (example: Player A shows the newer player B how close they should get to a dino when dropping bait)

Building Rules

– Only 3 bases per tribe 

  • 1 regular size base (be reasonable and help prevent framerate loss)
  • 1 smaller size base (more like an outpost)
  • 1 water regular size base (this is to be on the edge of the water, in the water, or under the water)

A base must consist of floors, walls, a door, a roof, and a bed, this can be just one foundation big. Bases are also defined as a place where you and others have structures and operate day-to-day operations.

– Members MUST! remove any taming pens and temporary bases once finished with them. If

you accidentally leave a taming pen out in the wild and you don’t go back to it and its timer runs

out, admins will destroy tribe structures on it and this will remove everything you own.

– When building bases you must think about other people and respect that this server is not just

for you, we are a community and we share this with many other people who are all following the

rules. Blocking resources, Restricting other players’ movements, and purposefully preventing others from building outside of your main living area are strictly prohibited.

– If you are playing solo or in another tribe and you wish to build in an area where you can see someone else’s structures then you’ll need to move to another area or ask the other structure owner if it is okay to build within sight of them. (this is based on medium render distance settings)

– You must be able to see all your structures from the center of your base.

– Claiming land by placing a single block is prohibited. Such claims will be ignored and/or deleted.

Dino Rules

– If you have multiple Dinos at your base and they are standing around not being productive then you must make all reasonable efforts to store them. Again, it is our attempt to limit framerate issues with all people who play on our server.

– If you come across any dinos that are claimable and the dinos/structures are not protected by a Tek shield, then anyone can claim them. It is your responsibility to ensure you log in at least once per week to reset the timers and prevent decay.

– Claim what you actually need, do not be greedy. (Exception being a “trophy” claim that has no real functionality)

– If you claim a Dino then you must bring it back to your base. Do not leave it out in the wild.

Tribe Rules

– All Players Must Create A Tribe Or Join A Tribe No Exceptions!

(Not doing so can lead to your Dinos, Items and, Structures being wiped!)

– All tribes must select a leader for their tribe.

**TIP** If you want to join another tribe then you need to make sure to transfer anything you want to keep to the new tribe before leaving your old one. If you are playing solo or if your entire tribe wants to join a new tribe then you can “Merge” your old tribe into the new one and this will transfer everything over automatically. Failure to do this will result in the loss of your items when you leave your old tribe.

Just like TML, this server utilizes a progressive discipline system. Exceptions to the progressive system can be made by the server Administrators.

1st offense: Warning to stop the behavior

2nd offense: Kicked off the server

3rd offense: 24 Hour Ban from the used platform(s)

4th offense Permanent ban from all ML servers

Staff Guidelines

Staff will be held to a higher standard than the general membership body. Corrective measures will ultimately be decided by your Community Administrators / Founders. Corrective measures will not necessarily follow the 4 tier process that is in place for general members. ALL staff are expected to follow ALL rules listed on this page.

Standard Moving People

– Please poke people before moving, this is considered a courtesy, however, there may be cases where staff/members are needed in channels quickly and may be moved without asking first.

Urgent Moving People

– If you have the ability to move someone in TeamSpeak then you need to first Poke them and ask if they are available to be moved. If they do not reply then join their channel and ask if you can pull them. If they are ignoring you or are AFK then you can move them and wait for them to reply.

Going “AFK” on Teamspeak

– If you are in a non-staff channel on Teamspeak and you need to step away from your keyboard please drop to the AFK channel or the Staff Idle channel at the top of Teamspeak. If it appears to others that you are active on Teamspeak then we would like this to be true.

Communication to Users/Members

– If you need to speak to a user/member then we ask that you do so in a private setting with them. The exception to this is if the situation involves several people and you wish to speak to them all at once. Feel free to separate individuals if necessary to better help you do your job. Discord DM’s are an approved method in dealing with individuals but Teamspeak is preferred.

Moderating Division Channels

– In our current staff structure the Division staff are responsible for moderating their own sections. However, if it is a “Red” or “Yellow” offense then the TML shield staff should act immediately to correct the problem. If it is a “Blue” offense then the shield staff member is to notify the Division staff member responsible for that section and allow them to handle the matter.

– If a Shield Staff member has to step in to resolve a situation in a Division section then after writing their report they must notify the appropriate Division Staff department.

– If a Division Staff member comes across a situation involving a “Red” or “Yellow” offense then they need to notify a Shield Staff member. Only they can ban an individual across the entire organization.

– As a Shield Staff member, if you see/hear a “Blue” offense and there aren’t any Division Staff members and you feel the situation requires a prompt response then do so appropriately. You are then required to notify the Division Staff team providing them details and the report number for the case.

Documenting Incidents

– Whether you are Shield or Division staff, once you receive a report or provide corrective action towards an individual then you must file a report.

– The Staff report system should be utilized for written & verbal warnings, mutes, timeouts, kicks, temporary bans, and permanent bans.

Assisting Guests

– Typically it is the responsibility of the Moderator, Division Staff, or Division Trainer to assist Guests on our Teamspeak server.

– Guest(s) should be moved to the “Guest Welcome Center” channel at the top of Teamspeak where a small interview will be performed. You are not required to “poke” a guest before moving them to this channel.

– If a Guest is a friend of yours please follow the appropriate steps that you would follow for all guests… no exceptions!

– Every guest that comes into Teamspeak needs to get a copy of our rules located on this page. Please do not just provide them with a set of rules on Discord. Only our website rules are guaranteed to be up to date and cover our entire organization.

Issuing TS tags or Discord roles (excluding removing a Guest tag)

– When someone requests a tag or role, you must verify they are who they say they are. For example, if a member comes onto Teamspeak and they just reinstalled Teamspeak they may have a Guest tag and will need to have all their tags replaced. If you do not recognize their voice or are unsure then simply have them send you a DM on Discord confirming who they are. If you are unsure what tags/roles to give someone then do not give them anything. You will need to, or have them, reach out to the appropriate Division/Staff member associated with the tags/roles that they are requesting.


Shield Staff – TML Administrator, TML Veteran Moderator, and TML Moderator

Division Staff – TOC Moderator, SC Moderator, and GTA Moderator