Teamspeak Donation

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Donations are made by you, our members, freely with no expectations of anything in return except for our undying gratitude. All monies donated go towards the furtherance of The Myrmidon Legion. We have been able to graciously provide services up to this point because of what you have provided. It has also allowed us to reward those members that have been going above and beyond.

We also offer Subscription packages HERE. We are always considering new ways to reward our monthly subscribers. While all donations are appreciated and help “keep the lights on,” subscriptions have the added benefit of helping us know what and when monies are coming in. Allowing us to plan the budget of our month-to-month expenses.

We thank you for your continued support!


The Administration team must approve donation refunds. If a donation was made in error, please get in touch with an Administration team member. Contributions are not automatically given if you are dismissed from our community for reasons that break our rules. This decision can be reversed at the Administration team’s discretion.