GTA Bug Submission 2

TML GTA V Bug Submission

Thank you for taking a moment to submit a server bug!
Thanks for joining the bug-squashing squad! Your submission is like a treasure map for our development team and they're already on the hunt. Your contribution helps keep our software ship-shape and the community sailing smoothly. Your submission is a valuable piece of information that helps our development team identify and fix issues. Your efforts ensure a better experience for the entire community, and for that, we're grateful.

Bug Description

Please be as specific and concise as possible when describing the bug.

Image Submission & Crash Log Upload

When you experience a bug please press "F8" to bring up the server's console. Please take a screenshot of the text provided in the window and submit it below. This isn't required but it would be extremely helpful. You can submit up to 3 images.

Steps To Reproduce The Bug

Additional Information

In order to thoroughly diagnose the bug, would you mind sharing any other details that might be useful?