TML – The Myrmidon Legion – PMC – Recruiting Combat Pilots, Marines, and Crew now!

About Star Citizen:

Specialization: Security, Combat, Exploration & Logistics
Commitment: Dedicated preferred, casual welcome. Multi-Org is allowed.
Main Language: English
Time Zone: US and EU but international welcome.
Role Play: We are a Milsim ‘Light’ structured Unit.

The Myrmidon Legion Fleet is a Lawful self-sufficient PMC organization that focuses on Mercenary and Exploration Work. Operating from a number of bases the Fleet intends to be semi Nomadic making regular voyages throughout various systems.

We are an established gaming community that is hardcore into Star Citizen. We are focused on Security and Space Exploration. We will be a light Milsim and Friendly group in Star Citizen.

We are looking for Pilots and crew members to join our group. We will be providing Security of all types – ship-based escort contracts as well as FPS infantry ground ops, hunting down criminals, defending ourselves, and answering distress calls. Not into combat? No problem, our main focus will be on deep space exploration and the gathering of resources from derelicts and other sources.

We have weekly training or events that build up the teams and gain experience in one of the many gameplay aspects Star CItizen provides.

You can visit us on our website or join us on voice comms on TeamSpeak 3. Connect to channel:

We always have people online playing Star Citizen or other games.

Join an active self-sufficient Combat and Exploration Fleet with a wide variety of roles. All Pilots needed and welcomed from Ship Combat, Marines, and Special Operations, to Science, Support, and Logistics.

  • We are recruiting Combat minded players for our Starfighter, Starbomber, and Marine Divisions
  • We are tactics and teamplay focused and promote player growth and progression through various Missions, Operations, Training and casual game events
  • Security, Combat, and Exploration Focus
  • All Lawful gameplay supported
  • Meritocracy – Players advance through ranks by displaying competence, passing training, showing skill, taking on responsibility, and by being active
  • Flexible structure – Choose a Taskforce and your preferred gameplay. The transfer is simple.
  • Our Fleet is Javelin capable and contains multiple, Krakens, Polarises, Perseuses, Idrises, Hammerheads, Nautiluses and more. Our Logistics Division contains ships like the Reclaimer, Pioneer, and Orion.
  • Healthy non-toxic friendly group atmosphere. We treat each other and others with respect.
  • We are an established multiplayer gaming community and offer a moderated secure TeamSpeak and discord.

Fleet Structure

We are an Organisation consisting of two Main Task Forces

  • Task Force ONE – A medium-sized self-sufficient group focused on Reconnaissance, Exploration, and first strike capability This is the ‘First In’ Pathfinding element of the TML Fleet.
  • Task Force TWO – A large self-sufficient group focused on Carriers, Capital ships and will be the main body of the fleet. This is the main force around which the largest combined-arms space battles will take place.

We support gameplay for:
Ship Crew for all kinds of vessels
Multi-crew ships
Civilian Operations such as Trade, Mining, Salvaging Repair, Racing, etc


Main Hub Discord:

Voice Comms Teamspeak channel:

Org Page: here.

Visit us on Teamspeak 3 today, You are welcome to come and game with us in SC or other games we play or just ask any questions you may have. We always have people online.


What if I’m not sure if I want to join your Org… Can I still play with you?

Of course. Nobody is under any obligation to join our org. We enjoy playing with many players and understand that some people are unwilling to join any org they may play with or know the members of. You will always be able to play Star Citizen with us and you will be given a ‘Guest’ tag where you can participate in discussions on our Public channels.

I already am a member of another organization. Can I still join?

Absolutely. We do not require you to change your organization or MAIN us. You can be an affiliate member with us for as long as you like.

You say you support ‘All Lawful gameplay’ What exactly do you mean by that?

At game release (post Beta):
We will be a Lawful Mercenary Org. As gameplay expands we will be drafting a more precise internal law structure that our members will be expected to adhere to.
We will never tolerate Piracy. We will never tolerate Assaulting or Player Killing non-crimestat random targets. We do not tolerate griefing or our members being toxic to other players in the game on text or speech comms. When we make war we will do so against a designated enemy. Spec Ops is a part of our War Machine.

During Alpha and Potentially Beta.
We will be testing ALL aspects of Star Citizen and its game mechanics including the criminal gameplay and prison loop. In order to fight criminal organizations and offer competent security Escort to other Orgs and our own fleet, we must understand the gameplay elements that restrict and are available to them.

This means We WILL be doing occasional Operations, Missions, or events where we become criminals to play a certain way. We never intend this to be malicious and have empathy for any bounty hunters or players that may oppose us during sessions like this. This will not occur too often and will be more for testing new mechanics such as the prison loop, certain crime missions, and spawning a UEE Idris ETC.

Are you Roleplay friendly?

Whilst we are not a dedicated Roleplay Org we do not discourage it and even though we are Milsim structured this goes for Ops, Comms, and Fleet structure. In day-to-day interactions we have ranks but nobody needs to address anyone as ‘Sir’. We are Milsim ‘Light’.

You say you are a Multiplayer Community what do you mean and what do you do?

We are originally a multiplayer gaming community that plays many other games. Whilst Star Citizen is our main focus for the future that has taken the time and will still take more time before the project is complete.

Rather than join a Ghostown org come and join us and play one of the many other games we play such as Arma 3, Escape From Tarkov, Planetside 2, or any of the other many games we regularly play on a more casual basis.

How often do you run Star Citizen events?

We have a regular Star Citizen event every Friday around 22:00 GMT UK = 17:00 EST US until 03:00 GMT = 22:00 EST US we regularly host casual sessions and Main Ops. Join our Discord to find out more!

We also have people playing in smaller groups and solo throughout the week.

Larger scale events are being planned for this coming year and we do engage in PU Org vs Org events.