The Orbita Crusade

The Orbita Crusade

The Myrmidon Legions’ largest Division is the ARMA 3 Warhammer 40,000 milsim unit, The Orbirta Crusade. We used to be known as The 700th, however, as of February of 2022, we rebranded to our current handle The Orbita Crusade.

The Orbita Crusade has a very active community, which enjoys a multitude of playstyles ranging from the run and gun gameplay of the mechanized infantry, to the slow grinding advance of the Armor division, to the logistical support provided by the Mechanicus, and much more. So no matter what role you wish to play, we have a division that can provide that experience.

We aim to provide a fun experience for everyone that joins our community, regardless of skill level. For those who’ve never played ARMA 3 before, our expert training staff will help you from installing the necessary mods to learning the controls, all the way to learning how to fire your weapon, provide medical aid, and how to identify friend from foe. For ARMA 3 veterans, we provide opportunities to learn more advanced tactics that may not be taught by other milsim units.

Our unit mostly plays on Saturdays, known as a MainOP, this is when the majority of the unit gets together to work towards completing an objective, each week is different, as the scenario is custom built by our skilled Zeus team, so no week is the same. Throughout the week, members of our community host smaller-scale FunOPs for anyone to join and enjoy, these FunOPs are the perfect place for fun shenanigans to happen since they’re not as serious as the MainOPs, so expect creative and wacky concoctions and situations to occur during them.

Our unit believes that personal achievements should be acknowledged, so our unit boasts many earnable achievements that anyone of any rank can earn. If you go above the expected from an individual, you could earn The Eagle Ordinary, an award that allows you to use weapons that are not normally allowed. If you stand out as an exceptional member of the community, or you do something that seems impossible for a single person, you could be awarded the sought-after Kasrkin Armour, a sturdier piece of equipment that shows off your achievement.

Our Discord hosts all of The Myrmidon Legion Divisions, which includes The Orbita Crusade. The TOC community being very active, is usually a great place to socialize, gather people for gaming events, or to branch out into the other Divisions that make up The Myrmidon Legion as a whole.


TOC Zeus

Coming from within the ranks of The Orbita Crusade are the group of compelling storytellers and battlefield strategists known as Zeus. Each member provides a captivating storyline and challenging objectives to the crusade in the form of mission creation for each Operation. Each member is entrusted with the ability and tools to be able to formulate an original or themed mission that gives the entire organization an entertaining yet engaging set of tasks to do on a weekly basis, or on the fly as a fun operation. It is in the hands of the Zeus that allows the Crusade to do more than simply trudge through monotony and uninspiring obstacles and instead provides a unique and personal touch that brings engagement as well as provides a living world in which the unit can do its duties.

Any member can become a part of the hallowed halls of the Zeus mission team. Each member is also provided with guidance, training, and evaluation to ensure that players will receive a rich experience with immersive gameplay, allowing all the members to see the world through the eyes of the Zeus. Some eventually provide guidance to other mission creators and help them progress from doing single missions to entire campaigns. Eventually, each member can become akin to their own Game Master, but on a live battlefield setting, paving the way for The Orbita Crusade to continue their journey against the filthy Xenos that pervades everything that the Emperor provides.

Legion – Astartes

Legion is a division of Astartes, they’re a fast response unit that specializes in quickly entering into combat, hitting a target hard, and then leaving the area. The Astartes relieve pressure for the rest of the unit, with their high caliber bolters, to their heavy-hitting melee weapons, they’re a force to be reckoned with.

The Astartes is a self-contained unit that can use a multitude of different vehicles, ranging from the Rhino to get from point A to point B, to their battle tank the Predator with its heavy autocannon. The Astartes can also provide air support with their heavy assault gunship the Strom Eagle, or their fast dogfighting Xiphon Interceptor, and if needed, the Astartes can use a drop-pod to drop behind enemy lines from the atmosphere to disrupt the enemy forces.

776th Air Corps – Air

The 776th are the pilots of the unit, they provide close air defense and close air support to the forces on the ground, they’re also responsible for transporting large groups of people across the map.

The 776th has access to the trusty Valkyrie, a tough transport vehicle that can hold its own in a fight. The Avenger, a fast flying vehicle that can perform gun runs or drop heavy payloads on a designated area. The 776th also has access to a heavy lifting vehicle that can transport other vehicles allowing for fast re-deployment and “hot drops” into active combat areas.

3rd Cohort Auxilia – Mechanicus

The Mechanicus is our logistical division, they provide aid in the form of vehicle repair, anti-air defense, and artillery support. The members of Hydra are also able to build new forward operating bases and patrol bases, providing the unit with defensible positions, as well as safe areas for people to resupply.

The Mechanicus have access to several artillery pieces, ranging from the small deployable mortar to the fast-moving Skorpius Belleros hovercraft, to the heavy-hitting Basilisk and Medusa platforms capable of destroying entire towns in just a few rounds. The Mechanicus also have access to the Trojan, a logistical vehicle that can repair and resupply other vehicles.

826th Cadian Expeditionary Force – Mechanized Infantry

The 826th is made up of three platoons, each with its own unique playstyle and function:

Firstly there is the Infantry, they’re the main driving force of the unit, they’re responsible for clearing through objectives, capturing high-value targets, and maintaining a defensive line.

Infantry has access to the humble Chimera a transport vehicle with an autocannon to bring the heat, The Taurox is a faster, lighter alternative to the Chimera that trades the autocannon away for the ability to turn around tight corners at a higher max speed.

Secondly, there is Venator, they’re the armored division of the unit, which specializes in operating the unit’s battle tanks. Venator has access to a wide array of different patterns of Leman Russ battle tanks, ranging from the Annihilator, a long-range lascannon pattern Leman Russ that’s able to destroy enemy vehicles in a single shot, to the Exterminator, a rapid-firing twin-linked autocannon variant that can provide an overwhelming suppressive barrage of firepower.

Lastly, we have Velite, they’re our forward operating scouts, they specialize in sneaking close to the enemy positions, and relaying as much information back to command as possible, they’re capable of calling in artillery strikes to clear a path for the rest of the unit whilst piloting small drones to get a more detailed view of their surroundings.

Velite often drives around in the small buggy known as a Tauros, this is a nimble vehicle that can be hidden out of sight from the enemy, perfect for the scouts’ needs. If Velite needs something a little bulkier as a vehicle, then they have access to the Sentinal, a bipedal walker that’s harder to hide, but is still just as fast as the Tauros. The Sentinal has access to heavy weaponry such as a heavy bolter, multi-las, or lascannon.

Training – S3

Our training division is coordinated by our S3 team, these individuals are veterans of the unit, putting their best foot forward towards new Recruits to welcome them, making sure their questions are answered, making sure they’re trained how to function on the battlefield, and helping them find their preferred role once they’ve reached the rank of Trooper.

A recruit’s basic training lasts roughly 2-3 hours, and will teach you a few basic and advanced lessons in one session:


  • Load the mod list and connect to the server
  • Use basic controls
  • Rebind Keybinds
  • Equip and save your loadout
  • Navigate and read a map
  • Talk over a radio
  • Correctly call out a target
  • How to use basic weaponry such as carbines and assault rifles
  • How to use grenades


  • Use advanced weapons such as auto-rifles and rocket launchers
  • Understand colored smoke signals
  • Create defensive positions with trenches
  • How to provide medical aid

And lastly, at the end of your training session, you’ll be shown the catalog of different vehicles and infantry as a way to learn who is friend and foe.

After your training, you’ll be promoted from Recruit to Whiteshield, enabling you to join any of our Saturday main ops.