Valkyrie Special Tasking

VST is a recent practical rebirth of another Arma 3 Unit, that being Cerberus Company, which specializes in operations that take place in the 2035 setting. Now, under new management, the unit has been reborn into this base Arma 3 setting under the same basic premise. While operations can be held in practically any Cold War Era setting, all main operations will be taking place in that 2035 setting.

VST is a multinational NATO organization that was founded out of the remnants of a greatly depleted Cerberus Company after its various service periods. Now, under this reformation, consisting of many member states, this group will conduct various tasks at the behest of NATO Command depending on whatever theatre needs us most. Instead of “Invincible as One” as the main motto of our unit, we now abide by this major principle “Sic Semper Tyrannis”, and will always seek to uphold that, no matter the cost.