The Myrmidon Legion hits the streets of San Andreas! Using the free launcher known as FiveM and utilizing the QB Framework to bring forth an economy, inventory, stores, and other features. Founded in February 2022, numerous hours of work have brought about a robust roleplay experience within the state of San Andreas and Grand Theft Auto 5. 


We offer a variety of roles for people to find the play experience they wish to pursue. Be it as a law-abiding civilian just wanting to fulfill the multiple jobs we offer, with more being looked at for future implementation. You can also choose to be a less-than-law-abiding criminal, looking for the “easy” payday. Perhaps a role helping to enforce law and order as a San Andreas State Trooper, or even to keep downed people alive as a member of the San Andreas Fire Rescue as an Emergency Medical Technician. 


Events can be scheduled or unscheduled for both role-playing and non-role-play scenarios; there are no real set times for people to be on the server. We aim to bring a fun and engaging role-play experience not seen in most TML Divisions. Having the ability to inhabit a character and guide them along whatever path you choose, or be pulled down another path by other characters, the possibilities are endless!


Civilians, law-abiding or not, can pursue a variety of jobs to earn money, vehicles, property, weapons, and more within this framework. From driving a bus or taxi to selling hot dogs or illicit goods on the street corner. For the more lucrative jobs, you can rob banks, convenience and jewelry stores, or simply sell a lot of mind-altering materials. Everyone comes with its own risks and rewards, and more are constantly being added to provide a variety of fun and creative roleplaying experiences.


For those that wish to protect the citizens of San Andreas and help deter crime, the San Andreas State Troopers “SAST” are always looking for more who wish to put on the uniform. Equipped with the latest law enforcement weapons & vehicles including tasers, less-than-lethal shotguns, aircraft, K-9 support, and much more. And for those higher profile criminals, they can expect a response from the renowned SAST Swat Team who are simply the best of the best!


Wish to prove how crazy you are, by running toward fires or saving the lives of everyday civilians? The SAFR is temporarily closed but will reopen soon. This will be complete with all the apparatuses, turnout gear, and blazing fires that they can handle. The San Andreas Fire Rescue “SAFR” will come online with the fire department and will be looking to employ Emergency Medical Technicians to respond to reports of down people and help to get them on their feet or if it is needed, rush them to the hospital.