The Myrmidon Legion has taken the Grand Theft Auto 5 streets of San Andreas by storm! Using the free FiveM launcher and QB Framework, we’ve created an immersive role-playing experience within the state of San Andreas.

Founded in February 2022, we’ve put in numerous hours of work to create an intricate economy, inventory, stores, and other features. We offer a variety of roles to help you find the experience you’re looking for, from law-abiding citizens to less-than-law-abiding criminals. Want to play as a San Andreas State Police Trooper, or perhaps an Emergency Medical Technician with the San Andreas Fire Rescue? The possibilities are endless!

Whether you prefer impromptu or scheduled events, both role-playing and non-role-play scenarios are welcome on our server. With the ability to create and guide your own character along a chosen path, or be pulled in new directions by other players, the experience is truly unique.

Our civilians can pursue a wide range of jobs, from driving a bus or taxi to selling hot dogs or illegal goods on the street corner. For those looking for a more adventurous route, lucrative jobs such as robbing banks and jewelry stores, as well as selling various mind-altering substances, are also available. Each job comes with its own risks and rewards, and we’re constantly adding more to keep the experience fresh and exciting.

For those who want to protect the citizens of San Andreas and help keep the streets safe, the San Andreas State Police are always looking for new recruits. You’ll be equipped with the latest law enforcement weapons and vehicles, including tasers, less-than-lethal shotguns, aircraft, and K-9 support.

And for those looking to save lives and fight fires, the San Andreas Fire Rescue will soon be open for business. We’ll be looking to employ Emergency Medical Technicians to respond to reports of downed individuals and help get them back on their feet or rush them to the hospital.

Join us on the streets of San Andreas and experience a role-playing adventure like no other. We’re confident you’ll find the perfect path to follow, or even blaze your own trail.