TML Server Information
Division Information

TML Server Information

Conection information about our game servers, Discord and Teamspeak can be found here!

Variety Servers

TML hosts several game servers that are not part of a TML Division. Connect information can be seen on our server list to the left.

The Orbita Crusade

The Orbita Crusade [TOC] division is an Arma3 40k Milsim unit that was established in 2018.

Star Citizen [TML] Fleet

Star Citizen was one of the first games that brought many of us together. Click below to learn more.

Our Community

Questions about our Community? Please check us out on our “About Us” page.

TML maintains subscription plans to obtain game codes. We use these game codes to hand out as prizes to our competitions/events or to hand out as gifts. Anyone in our Community can view what games we have available on our “Prize List” page.

Our “Awards & Medals” page is still under construction. Once done we will be able to showcase our member’s awards & medals to all of our members!

A multi-game Community relies heavily on scheduling events. Want to see our upcoming events then just head on over to our “Calendar” page. We also make event announcements on our Discord server.